Sep 6, 2011

Stock markets in Europe and the U.S. continue to fall

U.S. stock markets opened on Tuesday a sharp decline: the Dow Jones index fell by about two percent, reports the BBC.

The value of shares in major European trading floors also significantly decreased. Earlier, stocks fell in price on the stock markets in Asia. On Monday, European indexes closed the bidding drop by 3-5%. U.S. exchanges were closed this day due to a national holiday.

Investors worried about the European debt problems and slow economic growth in the U.S.

As passed UNN, today, September 6, morning European trading platforms has been a sharp decrease in stock prices. The fall in the stock exchanges in London, Paris and Frankfurt, according to analysts, was due to concerns about the creditworthiness of governments of several countries in the eurozone.

Decrease in quotations began last week on the New York Stock Exchange. The reason for this was lack of confidence of investors in the U.S. economy, whose growth rate has slowed in recent years.

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