May 11, 2012

Saudi Arabia women compelled to hide their eyes

Women in Saudi Arabia compelled to hide his eyes. Conservative Islamic state believes that a right to force women to hide in public their attractive eyes.

Speaker of the Saudi Committee for the Prevention of vice, Sheikh al Motlab Nabet, said that the committee proposes legislation to fix such rate.

Women in Saudi Arabia must wear a long black cloak covering the head and hide face while in public. If they do not perform, they get a variety of penalties - fines or public beatings. According to the Saudi sites such proposal appeared after the eyes of women provoked a fight in the street.

The Virtue and Vice Committee of Saudi Arabia repeatedly criticized for human rights violations. The Committee was established in 1940 and has since provoked many undemocratic decisions.

Last September, beating Saudi Arabia women sentenced to ten lashes for driving, managed to stop only the intervention of the king. Then the King announced the provision of the 2015 women the right to vote in local elections.