Mar 27, 2013

Claudia Jordan slams Omarosa over Michael Duncan funeral photo!

Claudia Jordan said people should not be fooled by the act Omarosa is allegedly putting on.

"For her to have an issue with me putting a picture up, a tribute to Michael, who was my friend, when this woman had a red carpet at her fiance's funeral, I think that's despicable," Jordan told The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday.

According to Williams, Omarosa and Jordan had a "falling out" after Claudia Jordan posted a picture from the funeral on a social media website. Jordan says the only reason she was truly on her phone was because of the questionable behavior she witnessed at Duncan's funeral.

"She was doing press at the funeral. How upset were you? And she didn't cry so, she didn't need any make up touch ups. I was actually appalled at some of the people making appearances at the funeral and that's why I was tweeting. There was a photographer by the body. So please don't let Omarosa fool you with this thing because this is the first time I ever heard that she was upset about this,"Jordan told Williams.

"This was a mockery. It hurts my heart that I have to say this about another sister. I don't like this." said Jordan.