Sep 6, 2011

5 ways to reduce the cost of insurance for housing

It would seem to find the best insurance for housing, simply. But you want and save money wherever possible, especially if you start thinking about insurance before holiday. What are some ways to save when buying insurance policies for housing, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Method one: make sure to have the insured event were less likely to

Paradoxical as it may sound, the less chance of an insured event, the cheaper the insurance policy would cost the owner of the apartment. The paradox is that the smaller the apartment owner is afraid of any surprises, the less his desire to insure their meters. However, if you take care to reduce the likelihood of an insured event, you can save considerably. "For example, the property is insured for the risk of wrongful acts of third parties. If the object is under the clock security, and the windows put the lattice, the probability of theft is minimal, and insurance rates, respectively, much lower. And so for each risk. If your home or office, all communications are new, the probability of failure of water supply, sewerage and heating systems is small, hence the insurance rates for this risk is minimal, "- says Vadim Stroke, Chairman of the SC" Brokbiznes".

According to experts, the simple presence signaling can reduce the cost of the policy on 5-10% (if no other factors that increase the likelihood of the insured event).

In other words, if you plan to put bars on windows or in any other way to secure their meter, it makes sense to do it before buy insurance policies. However, specific prescriptions cheaper referred to us, not all are equally SC - for example, the notorious connection to your home alarm system. "Each company has its correction factor. However, not all of it is used. More important is the connection to the control of the apartment, "- says Yulia Kasian, chief managing direct sales to work with clients IC" ASKO-Medservice. " In addition, the IC in standard programs, as a rule, rates are averaged, and in this case, features such as the presence of alarm in the apartment, does not affect the cost of insurance. Therefore, wishing to take advantage of this way of savings (as well as most of the methods described below) must be wondering whether there is such an opportunity in their chosen NC.

The second way: to insure only what you really need

A good way to save money - by buying a policy, choose only those options of insurance that you need. "In order for the insurance cost less, the policyholder can opt for the risks that are relevant to a particular property, or to insure that property which is most at risk (because sometimes saves the policyholder, insuring only the repair of the apartment, without the box, assuming that the probability of its destruction negligible). It is also possible to insure the property at less than full value, and the most probable size of losses (for example, filled only part of the affected flat finish, but not in its entirety) "- suggests Nosach Love, Head of Property and Liability Insurance Individuals Insurance" Providna " .

However, if you want to save, giving up the insurance of the building (structure) of an apartment, or interior decoration or furniture and equipment, it is advisable to make a carefully considered all the "pros" and "against." "Comprehensive insurance will cost 1.5-2 times more expensive (compared to only construction insurance), but the defense in this case is complete. Since most likely an accident will occur precisely with the repair or equipment (for example, by flooding the neighbors at the top), and structural elements are intact, "- said Julia Kasian.

With regard to reducing the list of risks, failure of which will reduce the insurance premium, here the choice will depend on you. "The customer, who turned to the insurance company can set itself to pick up the actual risk, based on the individual characteristics of their homes - Love Nosach notes. - For example, insuring the apartment, which is located above the first floor, you can absolutely safely ruled out the risk of collision of vehicles. Insuring an apartment or private home, equipped with alarm systems, armored door, and with the staff of the risk of theft can be eliminated. But if there is any insurance combinations of risk, which is always present - it's "Fire."

There are unlikely risks, failure of which may reduce the cost of a policy by up to 15%. "Save You can, for example, eliminating the risk of natural disasters and falling aircraft insurance for the apartment" - Julia advises Kasian.

The third way: to choose a franchise agreement with

Make an insurance payment is much smaller by choosing a policy with a non-zero deductible. "Different franchises reduce the price of the policy. They can be conditional (to be paid compensation if the damage exceeds a specified amount) and absolute (deducted from the amount of compensation in any case), "- said Julia Kasian. Typically, when the franchise is ten percent of the insurance payment may be reduced to the thirty percent. However, this method is suitable only reduce the cost of the policy to those who are ready in case the insured event to fork itself, and not willing to fully compensate the insurance company the entire amount of damages. Therefore, use this way to reduce the cost of insurance, it is useful only as a last resort.

Method four: think twice before insuring an apartment for a short time

Reduce the payout can be insured is not an apartment for a year and, for example, for a month or just for the holiday period. Typically, the cost of this policy will be 80% lower than a year. However, this method is good only if you are driving for a year on vacation once and no more than a month. Not to mention the fact that a total of more economically obtained as a time to insure the house for a year (if you compare the price of insurance per month). "Insurance policies during the leave period, usually not very profitable because the cost of insurance of the month in the annual policy less. In addition, the apartment and leave after being all the same risks, except to a lesser extent, "- says Yulia Kasian. The same applies to special short-term rapid-insurance programs of housing.

Similarly, two-edged sword, and a breakdown of the insurance premium into several parts - which, though temporarily reduce the financial burden on the insured, but in general - makes policy more expensive.

Method five: looking for an individual approach and action

Also, you can reduce the cost of real estate insurance with pre-inspection. "In order to reduce the cost of the insurance contract, the policyholder can use the insurance program with a personal touch - the application is submitted with a description of the property, the property inspection is carried out by the representative of the company, and in the absence of the factors influencing the increase in risk, the rate is far lower than the sale of standard products Express "- said Nosach Love, Head of Property and Liability Insurance Individuals Insurance" Providna. " This approach is good for the fact that if, for example, you fill and will suffer a TV, you do not have to prove that you was exactly the model which you are claiming.

In addition, a good way to save money - buying a policy for action (unless, of course, you will see that this policy is really useful for you). "In summer, the insurance companies offer a huge number of shares and special conditions related to the vacation period, so they came to the insurer, for example, CTP insurance contract should specify what discounts or extra benefits can be obtained by purchasing insurance for some other types of insurance "- said Love Nosach. Indeed, some companies are willing to give their customers a discount on the cost of the policy only because the latter have already bought their other insurance. However, some IC hold stock throughout the year: managed to find the action for which IC even offers housing insurance as a gift - in the case of registration of the policy insurance.

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