Sep 3, 2011

"Color revolutions" in the U.S.

September 17 in the U.S. will begin the most ambitious campaign of civil disobedience since the Vietnam War. Thousands of protesters gathered to block the Wall Street and keep the blockade of several months.

It was September 17 in the U.S. is one of the most important holiday - Constitution Day and Citizenship, and this day may be the beginning of a bloody revolution in the U.S. September. It is important to note that the winter-spring of this year in the U.S. have already been riots and "Marches of Dissent," including mass - such as the thirty thousandth march protesutyuschey crowd in Wisconsin with the capture and potorosheniem magazitnov and government buildings.

Formally, one of the major organizers of the rally, "September 17" is a newspaper Adbusters, but in fact there are so many discussion forums and self-organized groups of supporters of the action. One such group, called "We are - no one" in his movie called the protesters to use methods of Tahrir Square (Egypt) and to prepare for a prolonged siege: to bring tents, food, tents ... How will the global financial system long simple Wall Street does not undertake to predict one.

Officials have not yet voiced a coherent position on the possible consequences of prolonged blockade of Wall Street, but sources in the U.S. Army indicate that tens of thousands of military redeployed to bases in close proximity to major U.S. cities. The revolution in the United States may be severely suppressed "in the bud" by the National Guard and army units. And the media silenced rebellion, as well as hidden from the world of spring wave of pogroms that occurred in nearly every U.S. state.

Power crisis in the United States said any observer who monitored the situation from the technical default of the U.S. sample the summer of 2011. President, Senate and Congress pulled from isolated until the last moment. That are only one 11-hour talks with Obama's party leaders. Today's political leaders simply can not effectively negotiate the crisis has penetrated the entire hierarchy of American power. Many experts have pointed to the possibility of splitting the country into several parts: the richest states in crisis do not want to pay for bloated social spending of poor states.

But the political crisis in the U.S. would not be complete if, in the last year did not appear the scale of capital flight from the United States. Only in May 2011 of $ 50 billion has flowed, and in June, some 30 billion - a lot of money, for example, is about 30% of the budget of Russia. And it should be noted that capital outflows are observed post-crisis period. In some months of 2009, the outflow of the hundreds of billions of dollars. Fairly major American business families, such as the Rockefellers, have bought in Chile and Argentina, the land area comparable to or smaller states of Europe have invested billions in the Asian financial grounds. In consequence of capital flight the U.S. economy began to deteriorate rapidly.

And now some 46 million Americans are living from hand to mouth about - the state gives them a stamp of not more than $ 200 per person. This is about 6000 rubles. 46 million Americans - 15% of the population, in essence, officially recognized paupers! This is not the parasites and not alcoholics. Most of these people used to be a prosperous middle class. In the last post-crisis years, the number receiving food stamps has tripled!

And now, many experts note that the absolute standard of living of most Americans has fallen by 20-60%. Americans are not ready to deterioration of quality of life. The much-vaunted "consumer society" can not consume. Pent-up demand will create the mood of protest in society. And this is not political science, is physiology. Physiology of the crowd, who lost his job, which made the poor in the richest and most prosperous country in the world.

And in terms of budget deficits, even hearing about the cancellation of food stamp and further impoverishment of the people can create such a storm, which can not cope no National Guard or police commandos. Meanwhile, the U.S. government has clearly stated the need to reduce social spending, followed by health insurance, it can be and the abolition of food aid. And while the first storm is scheduled for September 17, 2011. And America, judging by the boom in online conversations and ordinary people, preparing for his own "orange" revolution.

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